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This week BEAT interviewed me for the next installment of FAVELA ROCK, but judging by the editor/interviewers lack of editing skills I’m not quite sure what this interview is about. Granted it was a very late last minute phone interview and the Beat journo obviously did not have enough time to actually research anything before he rang, but this is just a whole heap of mumbo jumbo, and doesn’t reflect on anything I wanted to say or bring across at all. As an editor myself, it’s of the utmost importance that once you’ve done a phoner with an interviewee you transcribe the piece then take out anything that doesn’t make sense (which is usually a good 80% of the piece – as most people who talk about themselves on the phone, will jump from topic to topic, going off in tangents and curves) and make the entire interview a slick cohesive article. Well it seems no one could be assed doing this with my interview above. I guess that’s why I prefer to do emailers, so I can control everything that’s written. But props anyway to Beat for including me in this week’s edition of 100%. I’m pretty sure time constraints and deadlines were the cause of this pretty slack piece of journalism, so definitely no hate is directed at anyone. It only takes one read to realise that the grammar and flow of the interview is all over the shop and spelling mistakes and sloppy editing unfortunately make this all a bit hilarious!




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