I’ve been playing a lot of chilled out soul, rnb and hip hop of late mainly due to the fact that I’ve increasingly been booked for full blown party sets when I DJ out. I thought I’d bring it back to the days when I used to spin in my room for hours on end with my kitten in the front pocket of my hoodie, dancing around like a wannabee back up dancer. Thanks to my mad Rooftop gig last weekend, I pulled out a stack of tracks that hadn’t had a whirl on the ones and twos for a long minute, so with that in mind, I decided to throw together a new mix. Featuring neo-soul madness from D’Angelo, India Arie, John Legend plus hip hop gems from Paid And Live, J5, The Nextmen and more, I suggest downloading this now to keep your soul warm and your feet toasty! Damn Soundcloud wouldn’t allow me to upload, but you CAN live stream it BELOW and DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

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