This past week I made a quick whirlwind visit to Kuala Lumpur to DJ at the amazing Mist nightclub. Luckily I had the day off before the big gig to visit some of the sights and catch up on the ridiculous shopping on offer. Seriously their malls put Chadstone to shame! First stop was the incredible Twin Towers Mall for a delicious bite to eat at the amazing Madame Kwans.

I had watched a documentary a few years back on this bad boy being built, and seeing it in the flesh is incredibly overwhelming. The sheer size of these two buildings is unfathomable.

Dish one from Madame Kwans. Fried chicken Maryland, chilly rice, shredded beef and curried prawns. Got that protein on lock!

The prawn fried dumplings take my yum cha obsession to the next level.

No wonder most Malaysians are skinny. After a massive feed all you need to do is walk around the mall and you’ll burn your calories. With over 10 levels inside Twin Towers you’ll be slender and sweating before you know it.

The spire goes for miles! Breaking necks.

Most of the streets are under traffic constructions and even my driver said he still finds himself going the wrong way through roads and intersections. There are so many by-roads and exits it makes for a crazy road trip.

The street art and propoganda in KL leaves nothing to the imagination.

I love this surf inspired piece.

This piece reminds me of Keith Haring.

Meet Sabrina and Kelvin. She had found my music on a website then talked her husband into booking me to play at his club. I owe my trip to her! Best peeps in KL.

Outside Twin Towers the buildings all fight for air space.

The only store I was interested in seeing at Twin Towers was of course the LV store.

Creepy evil eyes in the background.

When I first rocked up to Mist it was just gettin’ pumped. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery (of course) so I don’t have any pics of it going off! The club got mad loose!!!!

The best jet lag cure. My own personal bottle of vodka and cranberry, with my very own personal bar tender. Mist know how to look after their DJs!

The PR/media peeps went to town with these flyers! Loved them.

Threw out a handful of stickers after the gig – so was totes happy the crew showed me love!! Can’t wait to go back.

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